How many clubs can be cleaned together?

The Golf Club Cleaner is made to clean the regulated number of clubs (14).

If you put more than 14 clubs in the machine, it will certainly not cause damage to the machine or the clubs, but the cleaning effect will be reduced.

Why should heads be cleaned?

Golf club manufacturers literally spend millions of euros per year to refine the technology behind heads in such a way that the heads hit the golf ball perfectly.

The grooves are designed for a specific reason, they are crucial to play a good game of golf!

Clean grooves have the advantage:

To create speed and spin

To check the stability of your stroke

Why does the grip have to be cleaned?

The grip is made to absorb moisture, this means that sweat, dirt and germs of the hands are caught and stored in the grip.

Clean grips have the advantage:

Maximum skid resistance

Better control

Longer life span


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